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Total Hydrocarbon
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This small THA instrument uses a flame ionization detector (FID). The key features of this instrument are: ease of use, wide measuring range, quick response time, flame out detection ...   


GeoFox THA;    GeoFox THA  Rise to Fall <10sec



RS report.
Calibration error check.
Flame out detection.
Hydrogen shutoff safety valve.
Programmable alarm.
Detection of sample line blockage.
Internal sampling pump (can be bypassed).
Configuration via any RS Terminal.


bulletDetector: FID
bulletDynamic range: 10ppm to 100% methane
bulletResolution: 10ppm
bulletRising response time: < 5 sec
bulletReport rate: 10 per sec
bulletSiren: 80db
bulletDimensions: 8”x5”x12”deep
bulletWeight: 5 pounds



Hydrogen: 20cc/min , 50PSI
Air: 100cc/min, 50PSI (Hydrocarbon + moisture free)
Power 110/220V  60/50Hz  25W


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