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Calculator For Hydrocarbon Types Analysis


This program will save you time, prevent you from making errors when juggling with matrices, and help you present a clear hydrocarbon type analysis report



  Figure1: BatchReport - Main -



This program allows the quick calculation and report presentation of hydrocarbon types analysis D 2786 , D 2425 , D 2789 , INT101 ... The input file format of the spectras is compatible with HP Agilent MS data files. The reports, spectras and displays can be exported to Excel. The program is independent, it does need Chemstation   to manipulate and display TIC and Spectras. The processing of the data files can be done one file at a time or else computed all at once in a batch (For all methods but D2425. It can be implemented but would require naming convention of the data files so the aromatic and saturate portion of the data can be differentiated). Calculations could also be executed as the spectra file becomes available, this feature could be used to perform real time adjustment to an online process Please call us to discuss your specific application.


  Figure2: Printed report - INT101 -


Computed methods

D2786 - 91 Standard test method for hydrocarbon types analysis of Gas-Oil saturates fractions by high ionizing voltage mass spectrometry.

D2425 - 93 Standard test method for hydrocarbon types in middle distillates by mass spectrometry.

D2789 - 95 Standard test method for hydrocarbon types in low olefinic gasoline by mass spectrometry.

PNA Paraffin, Naphthene and aromatic distributions

OIL INT101 Hydrocarbon types in wild boiling range distillates.


Related information

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