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The MS that turned into a SENSOR ...

This Mass Spectrometer is designed to provide a solution for cost sensitive applications, bring companies independence from "partner" networks, and allow scientists to quickly create their own experiment. .



AddMS 4500 Quadrupole

AddMS 19" Rack

Instrument Software

Hexachlorobenzene Analysis




Our detector can be integrated into existing technology or developed on new independent platforms. Our instrument can be used for insitu process monitoring, leak detection, environmental monitoring, food industry.  Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.


Mudlogging / Real time formation fluid characterization / Geo-steering / reservoir modeling

For this application the mass spectrometer is setup up to scan a mass range from 1 to 200 AMU. A spectra file is created every minute or so for the duration of the drilling period, from days, to weeks. The spectra scans are averaged, then the information is processed to update the log report in real time. The software takes care of controlling the MS and the sampling system. All the relevant details about the application are stored in a method file. This gives the user a great flexibility in deciding what to log on the report, and what actions to perform for a given situation (Alarms).

The overall program for this application was put together with the help of our customer in a short period of time. We can not only provide the hardware (MS + sampling interface) but we can also develop the software for your application.

This is an ongoing project, information will be added as it becomes available.
See also Hydrocarbon Calculator.


Oil Rig

Log Trailer

Log Report

Log Analysis

Multiport sampling system

This inlet for the mass spectrometer can monitor up to 32 streams  in real time. The software  allows  the creation of reports and setup of "script" for processing and reporting the current condition on a stream.


Data samples

Breath analysis




The ion source can be accessed from the front of the instrument. The electronics is mounted on a single panel. It can easily be swapped when performing maintenance or an upgrade. The probe is mounted to the back flange. The power supply for the quadrupole is also attached to the back flange. 12 additional electrical feed- through are provided to allow easy experiment and addition to the probe. The low power requirement makes this instrument a good candidate for portable applications. The minimum documentation includes communication protocol, file format, and synoptic (enough documentation to develop and integrate your own designs). AddMS can be purchased in several ways to meet the needs of everyone from a private laboratory to  a university (See Pricing).



Proven & Reliable Quad Technology (Stainless steel)


Low Power : 12 Volt DC /  3 Amp (5 Amp Peak)


Compact   20 " (Deep) x 9 " (Width) x 12 " (Height)


Please call for pricing


Basic specifications

bulletVacuum chamber (Stainless Steel)
bulletPump connection ISO 63  (Middle bottom)
bulletGC Interface connection NW25 (Right Side)
bulletGas Calibration connection NW25 (Front bottom)


bulletQuadrupole probe assembly (Detector, Quad, Source)
bulletQuad (Stainless Steel) Mass range - 420 AMU 
bulletElectron multiplier
bulletSource front access (2 Filaments)


bulletPower requirement 110V  220V -  250 W
bulletGPIB computer interface


bulletMStation Software
bulletManual Tuning
bulletAuto Tuning
bulletAuto Mass Calibration
bulletAcquisition - HP compatible file format (Option SIM/Scan, Profile, FastScan 25ms/250 AMU )


bulletWarranty 90 days (except consumables filament and detector)  Extended warranty can be purchased.



AddMS can be purchased in several ways:

  1. Minimum configuration,   no pumps, no enclosure.  
  2. Complete with  vacuum pumps. 
  4. Under OEM license, minimum quantity requirement : 10 units per year.

  5. Under copyright license to allow the buyer maximum flexibility and control of the manufacturing cost.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request your personal quote.


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